Consell reiterates the Platform of Affected Housing Aid that will be paid when budget availability is available

Consell reiterates the Platform of Affected Housing Aid that will be paid when budget availability is available

The Platform feels "cheated" after this year 10 million euros have been allocated "when the debt exceeds 250"

The Director General of Public Works, Urban Projects and Housing, Vicente Dómine, reiterated this Monday, after meeting with members of the Platform Affected by Housing Aid, that the payment of housing check grants will be addressed "when there is budgetary availability "

This has been indicated to representatives of this Platform and to the representative of institutional relations of the National Coordinator in the meeting held on Monday. From the Platform have stressed that "only the debt of the housing check amounts to 135 million euros."

The general director has reported on the situation of payment of housing check aid and recalled that during 2013 the Generalitat has paid a total of nine million euros in this concept. He also recalled the commitment made by the Minister of Infrastructure, Territory and Environment, Isabel Bonig, that all housing aid "not prescribe."

Similarly, Domine has also stressed that in the last two years, more than 1,000 Valencian families have received aid to cover bank advances for an amount of 8.4 million euros. In this way, the Generalitat paid the banks the amounts they anticipated for the granting of housing aid, thus preventing citizens from being forced to assume this debt.

Domine explained that from the Generalitat this route was offered to all beneficiaries of housing aid so that banks could advance the amounts of these grants.

From the Platform have recognized feeling "cheated" after this year have been allocated 10 million euros in total housing "while the total debt for non-payment of housing assistance -check housing, rehabilitation and rent- exceeds 250 million euros ", as indicated in statements to Europa Press.

"At that amount per year we can be 30 years to collect what they owe us," said one of the representatives of this group, which has qualified this budget line of "shame, deception and fraud."

From the Platform have pointed out that the General Law of Grants states that to grant aid "there must be a consigned credit, something that has not been done" from the Consell. In addition they have indicated that this law "does not say anything that there is budgetary availability to collect". The members of the Platform have announced "possible legal measures against the Administration because they will not wait 30 years to collect aid".

During the meeting with the general director of Public Works, the representatives of the Platform asked "where is the money that the State paid to the Community and that should go to the people who requested aid for rehabilitation". "Domine has answered us vaguely," they have pointed out.

Payment of aid to the most disadvantaged families

On the other hand, the director general has also announced that in the coming months will be paid all housing aid aimed at families who are in situations of special vulnerability and amounting to one million euros.

The general director explained that the Consell's main priority is to help people who "need help more urgently". For this reason, it created a special aid order in June for which it made available one million euros to attend as a priority housing assistance for families in situations of special vulnerability.

The deadline to submit applications ended on October 31 and Dómine has informed the platform that, to date, 34 families have already received 278,000 euros of this aid. TO

In addition, it has committed to pay the rest of the amount in the coming months, since it is about people who are in "very complicated" situations. For this reason, a preferential payment order has been established according to the resources of those affected and thus be able to help, in the first place, "those who need it most".

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