News Health insurance premiums also for the year 2014: Here is paid

News Health insurance premiums also for the year 2014: Here is paid News always well informed

Monday, 03.02.14 , written by Sabine Temm Already last year you received money back as insured person of a statutory health insurance. Also in 2014 there will be repayments from some funds. But can you benefit from a change from health insurance premiums? What else should you look for? >

Krankenkassen Prämie auch für Wechsler

With these health insurance companies there is 2014 a premium

While there is currently speculation about the future of health insurance additional contribution, some health insurance companies can give with bonuses generously. Thanks to the good economy, many funds have been able to generate considerable surpluses. You will now be involved in these. According to Focus, a total of 22 public health insurances plan to pay bonuses to their members in 2014. Depending on the cash, this means between 30 and 139 euros more in your wallet. Which cash registers pay their insured a repayment, shows the overview below .

You can use the money equally well if you have received a payout, such as for private pension. Under certain circumstances, 5 euros per month are enough to secure state subsidies (at least 154 euros per year) for the Riester pension. Ask for a non-binding Riester pension offer here and use today’s premiums for your financial security tomorrow.

With a change the health insurance premium secure

QDo how many other people with statutory health insurance do you now ask yourself whether you can benefit from such a bonus by switching? In fact , many of the funds pay their premiums to new members – if you switch to a specific deadline. If you become a member of the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) until around 1 December 2014, you will receive a dividend of EUR 80. Even for the year 2013, the Techniker Krankenkasse has paid such a premium. It is no wonder that TK has since overtaken Barmer GEK as the largest statutory health insurance company. Other funds also attract new members through bonuses. Members of BKK Mobil Oil expect a premium of 120 euros. The hkk pays 100 euros to its members. The big health insurances DAK health, Barmer GEK and the AOK plan however no repayment . They want to put the money into performance improvements.

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Not only premiums are crucial – services also count

Before switching, however, you should check whether the new health insurance offers the same additional benefits as your old health insurance . Barmer GEK spokesman Athanasios Drougias commented on TK’s new top position: “Having the most insured is nice, but not decisive for the competition.” On the other hand, the best service and innovative services are decisive. Some funds prefer to invest their surpluses in an expansion of services and quality of service. A precise comparison of the offers is therefore recommended before a change. For example, about three out of four health insurance companies offer a grant for professional teeth cleaning. But how often and how high this turns out is sometimes very different.

These deadlines must be observed when changing

You must also ensure that a notice period applies. You can cancel for the month after next calendar month. So, if you quit today, you can insure yourselves to 1 May 2014 in a new health insurance. However, an existing membership can only be terminated if it has existed for at least 18 months. Therefore, also applies to Wechsler : They are bound for the next year and a half to the new health insurance.

These for all open health insurance companies offer in 2014, among other things, a repayment:

  • BKK Scheufelen – 125 Euro
  • Atlas BKK ahlmann – 120 Euro
  • BKK Mobil Oil – 120 Euro
  • BKK firmus – 120 Euro
  • G & V BKK – 120 Euro
  • BIG directly healthy – 100 euros
  • hkk – 100 euros
  • BKK Verbundplus – 84 Euro
  • BKK VDN – 80 Euro
  • TK – 80 euros
  • IKK healthy plus – 75 euros

Service: Make a free health insurance comparison here and find out if these health insurance companies offer you the right service in addition to the repayment.

Update 16 December 2014: With the health insurance reform in 2015, the premium payments disappear. Instead, the competition will take place increasingly again on the contribution, as the funds can determine the height itself.

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